Monday, August 8, 2011

"Izabela" Earrings

sterling silver, amethyst
I haven't been posting here for a long time :) This only means I had a lot of work to do before my vacation. However, I was pretty diligent in jewelry making :)) So I have a lot of earrings to show you! All of them were made on a custom order.

This ones I called "Coquette". Light and playing earrings made of Sterling silver and Lemon Quartz.

"Kites II" earrings - variation of earrings I have made some time ago. Copper and deep red Garnet.

Very beautiful Flamingo Rose Quartz briolettes gave the name to these earrings made of sterling silver.

I don't have name for these earrings, however, this pair is one of my favorite. I like everything about these earring - the design, lovely Champagne Chalcedony briolettes in Sterling silver frame.